A Photographer's Journal

Rita Spiegel is an Oceanside-based portrait and pet photographer. Photographs not only to document our lives, but also tell a story. They bring back memories at a glance. Click here to get back to the main website: www.RitaSpiegel.com or Rita@RitaSpiegel.com. I invite you to look through my portfolios and I hope you enjoy my images.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Through the Lens ... an Inspiring Book

Today, I spent selling my photographs at a Oceanside, CA farmer's market.  It was slow and I didn't sell a lot, so as normal I started taking photos of random things around my table.

As I was looking at objects and seeing what might make a good image, I thought about National Geographic. I'm always inspired by the images in this book and as always, by the photographers who work for National Geographic. Even though I've ready this book several times, I'm happy to look at these images. I recommend it if you're an experience photographer or just beginning.

Back to today's story ... Since I needed to stay at my table, my dog was the main object of random shots.  He enjoyed it and as always makes the perfect dog model.

Kharma sat in from of the cow, by JC Gallery, then went on to do "doga" (dog yoga) and fell fast asleep as soon as we got home.  Life as my dog is hard.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marketing and Workshops

Today was good.  I had a meeting about marketing and my upcoming workshops.  Lots of good ideas. I'm developing workshops that will help children learn how to take "candid" images of their dogs.  The focus will be on families. I'm also going to market to adults too. This will be included in my business plans.  So much to do on the business side.  All new stuff and a lot work to do ... exciting and scary.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Business Plan ... A lot to update

Rain and rain ... Well, since it rained all day yesterday, I wasn't able to venture outside, so I worked a lot on updating my business plan. The older one was at least two years old. I helped my visually see what I need to work on and what items have been completed.

I didn't complete the updates yesterday, but I've been continuing the work today. When I complete the revisions, I'll be developing a marketing plan and finalizing the 2010 budget.

Wow .. there is a lot of paperwork involved in promoting a business.

Also ... I'm doing another eBlast for my the open house for the art show. That will be tonight too, as the event is Friday, Dec. 11. I used the boat image the last time, this time, I'll use the tulip.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Earning $$ as an Amazon Affialiate

Kharma and I are now Amazon Aff.  I can hoping to earn money through this outreach.  I am posting recommendations on twitter and if this link works ... I'll send out an eBlast too!

See side view for link!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the A-List

I am one of the few North County pet photographers to be listed on KGTV 10's A-List. This is exciting. I'm hoping this listing will help send clients my direction. To see the listing, click below:

Check us out!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking for work

Today was "Cyber" Monday". I spent the morning finalizing my ad and posting it to Facebook, Twitter and conducting an eBlast. In the eBlast, I used animals with holiday attire. The funniest one is the lizard. He made me laugh!!

Another one that is cool is the "Rudolph" dog. He was used in an Holiday Card a few years ago, and I was happy to be given credit.

Although money is tight, I am going to get a two holiday items for this year (for the animals to wear). I believe it will be an "omen" for upcoming business.

I'm hoping that something will come from it. That I will be earning a living. I am still getting unemployment but the first 6 months will be ending shortly. Every day I look for work in both photography and in non-profit management. I am hopeful and each time I promote my skills as a photographer or submit a resume, I am energized.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photography, Pictures, Galleries, Wallpapers, Photo Tips - National Geographic

I've been to this site many times for inspiration and to admire the fantastic work out there. They also have wonderful tips. While working on my website, I went back again and once more, I was again inspired.

Photography, Pictures, Galleries, Wallpapers, Photo Tips - National Geographic

Will I get promoted on the A-List

Well ... in continuing my efforts to get my website "out there", noticed and get people call me, I went to News 10's A-list. I filled out the application, and hopefully, my website and business will be chosen. I am hopeful and if anyone starts to ready this, I hope you will be send good wishes.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

It is a beautiful day ... 76 degrees in SoCal.

I'll be taking photographs at the families Thanksgiving in La Habra and of Wendell (my niece's cat). In this old photograph, he was 6 weeks old. Now he is 6 months old and needs a current image taken.

Kharma and I went for a great walk at the beach, about 3 miles. This image was taken after he tore apart the stuffed reindeer. Now, he is very tired and that is good, since he'll be staying home today -- sleeping.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving today!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tired after a long day!

Kharma helped speak to potential clients today and is now taking a long nap.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Gandhi

A Great Thanksgiving Sunset

Wow ... it is the day before Thanksgiving. I have everything ready to bring for tomorrow and even had time for an evening walk at the beach. No bad. It was about 70 degrees and little wind. Perfect for November in Oceanside, CA and a perfect day for photography.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday the 13th is a good for art!

"Exciting, fun and amazing" ... these were just of few of the words I heard at the Oceanside Art Gallery's Holiday Show. Friday the 13th was a good day for the event. From what I saw, there were at least 75-100 people in the room. I could barely walk at times. I am excited. The show will be up until Dec. 18 ... contact me at Rita@RitaSpiegel.com for more information.

Visit me at www.RitaSpiegel.com to see more of my images.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today at Gallery

It was very slow today. Even at the farmer's market, which is adjacent to the "art in the alley" location. Kharma, the art dog, did his best to sale, but no avail. I'm hoping to get better recognition at the Oceanside Art Gallery. Through the Fog (right) is one of my three of my photographs will be presented.

Location: 602 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Updating Website

I continued my work on my website. I still have more links to add and photos to edit. No customers today, but I keep spreading the word.

Venetian Mask Painting

I've always been an artist, and since August 2009, I re-discovered watercolors and the main reason I elevated my photography. I painted while in University and took photos to "paint from". I enjoyed photography more than painting (I still do), but today, I' am enjoying painting again. Today I worked on a Venetian Mask. I have the a lot done, but tomorrow I will work on adding details. At this moment, I am "so so" with it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pirate dog

Kharma enjoyed attending the POPtobler at the October 14 opening event. Everyone at JC Gallery and Studio loves when Kharma drops by. He is the un-official, official Art Dog of Oceanside. He enjoys make camero appearances at all gallery openings and is quick to a happy tail wag for pieces he likes and quickly leaves to find the nearest tree (for a leg up) to note his critique. Look for of Kharma's appearances soon.

It has been a while

Well ... it has been over a month since I posted anything. I have been trying hard to find work. I've put my name and card out to many places. I've also have joined the Oceanside Museum of Art, Artist Alliance. I'm preparing to participate in an upcoming show.

I also did some job hunting in SF. It was great and I enjoyed photographing the City too!

Last week, I joined a Marketing Networking group, which has produced a few leads ... which I have been following up on. To see more images, visit www.RitaSpiegel.com

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving Forward

Wow ... I'm happy that the tasks for my show are all moving forward. I have the postcards almost completed and the notecards about 75% done. I do a few tasks every day.

The interesting thought that I have is if I'm focusing on the details of the show and the the marketing. The gallery did say that they will promote the show, but I haven't see anything in the paper??

I'm going to prepare an eNews and send it out to my mailing address and colleagues from my past positions. I'm playing to get all the tasks completed by Thursday!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Postcards / Greeting Cards

Some times I don't know where to start ... so much goes through my head in preparing for the art show. I'm excited, happy and sometimes overwhelmed. It is amazing to see so many people who have successful business. I often think "how". Were they lucky or have a "I don't care" attitude??? Or how to they get "photography" jobs. I think I would be more comfortable starting at that point.

The photo (right) is the Oceanside Pier, taken just after sunset. I'm getting items ready for my show on Aug. 30. I went through all my existing greeting card and discovered that I needed to add more beach and oceanside photos. I updated them and had them printed. I'll work on the cards tomorrow. While I was reviewing in photos, I found the inventory of blank bookmarks. So ... I decided to add that to my show too.

So far ... here is my list:
  • 5x7
  • 8x10
  • Framed: 11x14
  • Box sets
  • Greeting cards
  • Bookmarks
  • 4 paintings
That is the list so far. I'm also going to add a free gift. For any purchase more than $10, I'll give them a FREE rubber duck. It is late and my eyes are getting tired. More to come. - Rita

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes ... displays on the go

Hi ... I spent yesterday working on the displays for the show (Aug. 30). It felt great getting a few tasks accomplished. I'm going to look at my piece and do a "set up" at home to see how my images look on a table and the signs that are needed. I also need to see what images are needed. The ones I know I need to add are Oceanside images.

I also update my website too.

I'm trying to figure out journaling in this blog. I've never really keep a journal. I've done it a few times, but when I went back to read it, I didn't like what I wrote. I tended to "rant" on people when I was again, letting my emotions run "rampant" ... so, I was concerned they would find/read it getting insulted ... so I shredded it?

I think since this blog is online and is out there as soon as I post my thoughts, I believe that will help me maintain my focus ... learning to get a job as a photographer/artist.

That's it for the moment.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Ready

Today, I was getting ready for my show. I have been reviewing the photos and I need to add a few local (Oceanside, CA) images and separate them into categories. I'm going to look at displaying them in a artistic, but professional look. I felt very proud of myself for getting a few tasks completed.

I also contacted a local community college and inquired about teaching photography. I got the name of the person, but haven't called yet. I'm getting my ideas formatted (in my head) and then I'll contact them.

I'm happy with some activities, but I didn't as much as I would have liked to. Again ... I seemed to get side tracked so easily.

I do realize that this isn't yet ... getting me a job in the photography field, but I'm still happy about the work I did.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Help ... I think I am procrastinating??

Today I went to a health fair and home depot. I am going to make screen panels for my from doors ... much cheaper than purchasing them, especially since I don't have a lot of income coming in at this point. This a project I need to do, but again ... it takes me away from working on the business side/marketing for my images.

I enjoyed working on several photos and I'm about to update my site. I tend to think I procrastinate about the business component. It is so easy, fun and more enjoyable to work on my photography and art side, then thinking about the marketing side. I always have good intentions, but when I start, something takes my attention and turns it away.

Again ... I think this is a main problem I need to solve to get my business successful and yes, earn money. Wow ... I said it. I MUST earn money. I need someone who knows about marketing to help me, but I don't have the money to hire someone. Maybe some day.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is always my art day. But ... I am going to prepare my "list" of things to do for next week. I have a lot of ideas for my art show, such as signs and getting all my existing photos organized.

Goal for next week: To do one item on my "to do" list. Wish me luck (or a kick in the ass)!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art show

I got started. I went to a gallery and asked if how to participate in their monthly art show. It was just $10 to reserve a spot. So I did! On Aug. 30, I will be selling my photographs at Oceanside's Art in the Alley. I feel good about this, but I know it is one task. There is more to do. Wish me luck ... that I don't "freeze" in the process. - Rita


Starting Off

Well ... today is the day I'm starting my blog. I've been a photographer and an artist for as long as I remember. But, I'm never been a sales person. I've a bit shy about going into a store and asking the owner/manager to sell my photos, or to even my display fliers. I know I need to get over it ... I'm working on it.

I did add my blog to my website ... but I don't even know if anyone is ready it???