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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes ... displays on the go

Hi ... I spent yesterday working on the displays for the show (Aug. 30). It felt great getting a few tasks accomplished. I'm going to look at my piece and do a "set up" at home to see how my images look on a table and the signs that are needed. I also need to see what images are needed. The ones I know I need to add are Oceanside images.

I also update my website too.

I'm trying to figure out journaling in this blog. I've never really keep a journal. I've done it a few times, but when I went back to read it, I didn't like what I wrote. I tended to "rant" on people when I was again, letting my emotions run "rampant" ... so, I was concerned they would find/read it getting insulted ... so I shredded it?

I think since this blog is online and is out there as soon as I post my thoughts, I believe that will help me maintain my focus ... learning to get a job as a photographer/artist.

That's it for the moment.

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