A Photographer's Journal

Rita Spiegel is an Oceanside-based portrait and pet photographer. Photographs not only to document our lives, but also tell a story. They bring back memories at a glance. Click here to get back to the main website: www.RitaSpiegel.com or Rita@RitaSpiegel.com. I invite you to look through my portfolios and I hope you enjoy my images.


I love Rita's pet photography! Besides having the talent, professionalism, and extracurricular design skills beyond photos... she also seems to find that unique point of view of the animal. Personality doesn't just show through the pet but in her photo's compositions & flare. I can't wait to see more of her upcoming work!!

- Tia V.

I love Rita! My shoot was everything I expected and more! She is very creative, and knows how to get the shots both the you and her see in your minds! I had an amazing time with her, I was comfortable. I am very impressed with all of our amazing shots. I am looking forward to our next shoot. THANK YOU RITA! YOU ROCK!

-Adrianne B.

 Rita Spiegel is a great pet photographer!  For our La Jolla pet event she got some very great shots-- definitely great at what she does:)
- Sara M.

Rita’s pictures are amazing. She does the most wonderful pictures of animals.
- Pacific Animal Hospital

I worked with Rita on several occasions and have been impressed with her professionalism and especially with the end result. Her pics are just amazing. I enjoyed her company and working with her and will definitely do it again. Thumbs up!

- Gabi L.

Rita Spiegel Photography is excellent. I have worked with her on many occasions, including my wedding. Rita was professional, yet took the time to make sure my husband I got the shots we wanted. I would recommend her without reserve :) 

- Francine T.

Rita's dedication to honing her skills as a photographer has impressed me time and again over the years. She brings a knowledge of graphics and fine arts to her work as well. With the inspiration of her little Kharma dog, I think she's developed a whole new level of unique pet portrait photography, allowing each personality to shine through.  Rita is full of imagination, creativity, and surprises. Her talent takes her in many remarkable directions and she is always conscientious and interested in her patron's point of view.
- Jayme M.

Rita's photographs demonstrate why her business is great: they consistently show the most charming, fun, well-composed images of animals of every kind. Rita's a pro!

- Liz O.

Rita pays attention to detail no matter what she is doing. You can trust her to produce a quality end-product that expresses her genuine love for what she does.

- Diane H.

Rita has a genuine passion and love for everything she sets her mind to do and it really shows in all of her photos. Her photos make you feel as if you are actually there. 

- Tori H.


Rita Spiegel takes wonderful photographs that help you cherish your pets as beloved family members.
- Debby P.

Rita takes amazing pictures using a variety of subjects. This is what makes her so talented; she isn't confined to one subject though her passion is pet photography.

- Jennifer S.

Rita's pictures are wonderful! Our family loves the shots she took!

- Corrine L.

Rita works tirelessly to please the customer and has an amazing eye - making her photographs unique and excellent.

- Molly M.

I love the way she capture and present fragments of time and place in her photographs.

- Sabina C.

I love Rita Spiegel Photography. She is able to capture an image that brings it to life. Her photography spans a wide range of subjects (landscape, portrait, still life) and each is captured with a professional touch. I recommend her business.

- Wayne H.