A Photographer's Journal

Rita Spiegel is an Oceanside-based portrait and pet photographer. Photographs not only to document our lives, but also tell a story. They bring back memories at a glance. Click here to get back to the main website: www.RitaSpiegel.com or Rita@RitaSpiegel.com. I invite you to look through my portfolios and I hope you enjoy my images.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Updating Website

I continued my work on my website. I still have more links to add and photos to edit. No customers today, but I keep spreading the word.

Venetian Mask Painting

I've always been an artist, and since August 2009, I re-discovered watercolors and the main reason I elevated my photography. I painted while in University and took photos to "paint from". I enjoyed photography more than painting (I still do), but today, I' am enjoying painting again. Today I worked on a Venetian Mask. I have the a lot done, but tomorrow I will work on adding details. At this moment, I am "so so" with it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pirate dog

Kharma enjoyed attending the POPtobler at the October 14 opening event. Everyone at JC Gallery and Studio loves when Kharma drops by. He is the un-official, official Art Dog of Oceanside. He enjoys make camero appearances at all gallery openings and is quick to a happy tail wag for pieces he likes and quickly leaves to find the nearest tree (for a leg up) to note his critique. Look for of Kharma's appearances soon.

It has been a while

Well ... it has been over a month since I posted anything. I have been trying hard to find work. I've put my name and card out to many places. I've also have joined the Oceanside Museum of Art, Artist Alliance. I'm preparing to participate in an upcoming show.

I also did some job hunting in SF. It was great and I enjoyed photographing the City too!

Last week, I joined a Marketing Networking group, which has produced a few leads ... which I have been following up on. To see more images, visit www.RitaSpiegel.com