A Photographer's Journal

Rita Spiegel is an Oceanside-based portrait and pet photographer. Photographs not only to document our lives, but also tell a story. They bring back memories at a glance. Click here to get back to the main website: www.RitaSpiegel.com or Rita@RitaSpiegel.com. I invite you to look through my portfolios and I hope you enjoy my images.


Thank you for choosing Rita Spiegel Photography to capture your images. I want your photography session to be fun, creative and memorable. 

I shoot on location in North San Diego County, which includes the Cities of Carlsbad and Oceanside. When planning your session, look for places that are special to you. I'll have suggestions too, but this is your photo shoot. Your happiness makes your photograph special. When you're feeling relaxed and comfortable, the magic happens and that's when the great images come alive. 

When you call me, we'll coordinate a date for your  session and consult about your ideas for your shooting. Here's a few advance items to think about prior to our meeting:  
  • Relax: If you haven't had a portrait session in a while or this is your first one, let me know. Remember ... this is fun. Don't worry about the camera lens. One way to relax is to think about a loved one, a fun experience or winning that special sports game. This will help your relax and be more authentic and get a more natural smile.
  • Style: What type of memory or story are you looking to capture. For example: family or individual portraits, pet celebration, baby pictures, action, etc. Are you looking for more candid shoots or traditional poses. Let me know what you desire in your photo session and that will help me provide you with the best images possible.
  • Location ideas: The restaurant where you had your first date, beach or pier, a garden or park, train station, or even a building or stairs wells. Here are a few of my favorite locations.*
  • Group Portraits: How many people and/or pets are will be included in the session (Limit 6 humans/animals)
  • Theme: Do you want a "theme" if any do you want to incorporate, such as "black and white clothes", fashion model, cultural to your heritage, action or surfer style? 
  • Clothing: I want you be comfortable and create a photograph that you want to have on display. So with that, do you want "formal" or "casual".  I suggest wearing solid colors, but you have a few patterns in a scarf or hat. Shirts: Short sleeves can be a drawback. They pull attention away from your face. Bare arms can be distracting. Consider wearing long sleeve shirts. For your neckline, a high neckline, turtleneck or V-neck are the most flattering. Or, if you have a pattern shirt, make sure you have a single color pants. Hats, scarfs or jackets: You might consider bringing a scarf, hat or jacket in a different color for accent. For your group, you want your outfit to go with each other, not clash. Dark colors can "blend" in and should be worn in parts or skirts. Important: You are the star of the photo, not your clothes.
  • Hair and make-up: A classic hair style can make your portrait be more timeless. Avoid trendy hair styles. Bring extra hairspray to your session or bobby-pins to keep hair in place. Make-up is vital and necessary, but unless you are going for a fashion look, keep your make-up natural and simple. Mascara and a little eye liner are extremely important. It helps bring out your eyes. Neutral lip shades or gloss are okay.  Men and boys, do you want clean shaven or a little "stubble"? Make sure you have your hair styled too. If you use hair gel, bring it along.  
  • Mementos - Personal Items: Consider bringing a few items that are important you. If you play sports, bring one of your equipment (balls, rackets, etc.) If you're interest in music, bring a radio or an instrument. For the children, bring one/two of their favorite toys. Do you love flowers?  Bring a bouquet. And ... for the 4-legged members the family, bring one of their blankets, toys or treats. We can include these objects in one or two of your shots ... I want your photo shoot to be personal and individual to your lifestyle.

Travel fees must be paid for 3-days prior to photo shoot. Travel fees apply for distances from 10-100 miles away from Oceanside (Zip code 92054). The fee ranges from $25-$125 depending on the final location. Depending on shooting location, an addition fee(s) may apply, such as admission fees to parks, museums and gardens. If the location is outside of San Diego County, hotel and air fees apply. It will be discussed prior to any commitment.

If you can any questions, please contact me.