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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Through the Lens ... an Inspiring Book

Today, I spent selling my photographs at a Oceanside, CA farmer's market.  It was slow and I didn't sell a lot, so as normal I started taking photos of random things around my table.

As I was looking at objects and seeing what might make a good image, I thought about National Geographic. I'm always inspired by the images in this book and as always, by the photographers who work for National Geographic. Even though I've ready this book several times, I'm happy to look at these images. I recommend it if you're an experience photographer or just beginning.

Back to today's story ... Since I needed to stay at my table, my dog was the main object of random shots.  He enjoyed it and as always makes the perfect dog model.

Kharma sat in from of the cow, by JC Gallery, then went on to do "doga" (dog yoga) and fell fast asleep as soon as we got home.  Life as my dog is hard.

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