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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vampire Images ... sort of

I always felt comfortable taking photos of dogs (and other animals) and I still do.  That is the focus of my business.  But what I haven't felt easy at is taking photos of people.  I'm excited about the images I see other photographers shoot.  So ... to get used to shooting people and directing them, I joined a model / photography group to practice.  The first event I went to a was a "vampire" shoot. It was enjoyable and I learned a lot by watching how the other photographers spoke to the models. 
This gal was very nice and very expressive.  The cape was great and really made the look.
This gal was sweet.  Her mother told me she was just 15 and starting her modeling career.  I asked her to twirl, but to stare at me when she turned around. I like the swinging cape.

This guy was over-the-top.  He was great and seemed to enjoy showing his fangs off.  He also did a good job in "acting" like a vampire.

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