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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sold a Print and upcoming Gallery Show

What a weekend.  I had a wonderful time with my oldest (Happy Birthday) and dearest friend and her sweetie pie (Tori & Carlos) hubby. We had a great time trying out a new restaurant, Breakwater Brewing Co.  The location is great, just a few blocks from the beach, and the food ... wow.  If I could marry "Garlic Bread" I would.

From viewing the ocean, we traveled south to view my photographs of dogs surfing on the ocean.

We ended the day playing pool (sorry, the image will be available soon).  We didn't "really" win, but had lots of "practice" with certain shots. I wasn't happy on the next morning ... my legs hurt so much.  Since I was doing "squats" to get my images, I could barely stand the next morning (and now too).

Except for the sore muscles, my weekend went well and ended up great.  After taking sunset pictures today, I read my email and saw that an order was placed ... Yeah! Two weeks ago, I was taking photos on the Oceanside Pier and met a nice couple from Idaho. I gave them my card and today, the order was placed. Bird ... up close  Tomorrow, I'll process it and get it ready to send out. 

On Feb. 12 I'll be featured as one of the artists for Black and White, at Twin Oaks Gallery, from 6-8 pm.  I'll have 6 images on display and for sale. Too see more of my images, go to  search for Twin Oaks!

I'm excited about more things to come!

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