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Friday, October 1, 2010

Times of day create inspiring images

Living by the beach, I'm always inspired to sunset at the coast.  Especially when the weather is active. One thing to remember is the time of day you go out to shoot.

The lighting is best about 30 minutes before and after sunset.  Now for me ... I'm not a morning person.  My dog, Kharma doesn't believe that.  Sorry ... side note.

I like to shoot at the end of the day and sunset.  Now, if you are going to shoot after dark, a tripod is needed to keep the camera still.

This photo was taken just as the sun was setting.  The tripod allowed me to view the setting from all angles.  The light was soft and was reflected off the sand, creating a red and yellow glow.

Look at the sky during the day.  Take notice of the clouds.  These are clues for me to determine if I want to rush to the beach for that image.  On warm days where there are lots of cumulus clouds are always of favorite of mine.  They provide texture in the sky and the light reflects off and through them.

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