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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In San Diego, Sprinkles = Umbrella

Just 30 miles south of Oceanside is San Diego. On Labor Day 2011, I drove down to see the Tall Ships docked for the festival. But something more fun to shoot was all the people who immediately grabbed for their umbrellas after a few drops of rain.  Look closer ... you can even count them if you wanted to.

Well ... it didn't even rain.  Just sprinkled and all of a sudden people for running for shelter.  I enjoy street shooting. It's getting a little additive in a "safe" way. At this point, no one has approached me to ask "why am I shooting them".  I know someone will at some point. I'm still deciding what I will tell them when that happens?

I'm going to call this series of photos "Bad Weather".  With each new rain or other natural event, I'm going to continue to photograph how people react. 

Both mother and child grabbed the umbrella.  I wonder if the girl would have wanted an umbrella or if her mother told her to use it.  Most kids I know like to get wet.  I did.  I didn't have an umbrella.  I just made sure my camera was dry, but me ... getting wet is still fun.

There were a few people who didn't care about the sprinkles. But since they are bicyclists, I'm just guessing they're used to riding in all kinds of weather. 

Oh ... but what about the Tall Ships.  I did see them, the Festival decided to make it harder to get close.  At past events, you could walk along the side walk and you only paid a fee if you wanted to board the ship.  This year ... they charged to walk along side the ships and to enter.  So ... I found another location and was able to get a shot or two.

There is another Festival in Dana Point the weekend of 9/9 through 9/11.  I may go up there.  I'm still debating. Anyway ... I didn't go any any ships this past weekend, but I still had a great time.

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