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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready for your close-up?

Are you ready for your close-up? At this time of year, we take photographs at many occasions, such as family gatherings, parties or just spending time with friends. 

Here's a few tips to help you look your best. First thing ... relax!  The camera shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Your face and eye tell your story. Think about someone or something that makes you truly happy. That will be an authentic smile to your face.

But people do ask me about how to place their body in a photo ... so here’s a few tips. Posing for the camera, you’re using “body language” to tell a story of the event. Pointed fingers, sagged shoulders or head held down aren’t showing your best side. Remember ... be confident, head held high and shoulders up and stand tall.  I remembered my mother always saying “stand up straight” ... that’s a good though whenever you’re having a photo taken.

Hands: Girls ... your fingers should be long and elegant. Keep them loose and not held tight. You can place them on your hips or play with your hair. For the gents, hold you hands in a slightly fisted look, like you’re holding a small rock. Think about putting them slightly in your pockets, still showing your hands, but using your arms in an angle.

Arms: Elbows should be bent, but kept in a comfortable stance, very casualness. Just a tip, if your arms are straight forward, it can give a feeling of formality. Again ... be relaxed and think about a happy memory in your head, that will help you be more comfortable.

Feet: Feet hip width apart will give a look of strength and at different angles and/or heights. This will give you balance.

Head / Chin: Head tipped back slightly will give you the attitude look of “punk”, like “bring it on”. Head tipped back to the “high” shoulder will feel fun and flirty. Head down toward the “low” shoulder can express power or position (especially when shooting up at the subject). Also, if there is a little “extra” in the chin area, push your chin out.  It will feel strange, but look great. Also, have the camera lens positioned a little higher that the subject, and that will also give you a more slimming look. 

Legs:  To look stronger and more confident, stand with your legs hip width apart. Make sure that one leg should hold the body weight; the other leg can be bent, crossed over at the ankles, or extended behind like a graceful dancer. Giving angles, such as bending at the knees with give you an artistic look.

Shoulders: Look at different “planes”, with one slightly higher or lower than the other.

Hips: This is one for the ladies ... hips titled forward will appear more slender.

Most important ... Have fun! Laugh, be silly and remember, you're celebrating the memories with family and friends.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday Season and a wonderful 2011!
- Rita

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